Pier Windows

Pier Windows: Hong Kong


Pier Windows
Kwun Tong Pier, Hong Kong

Oct 29-Nov 2, 2014

The Arts Build Bridges

Through the Windows of the Pier Hong Kong’s Cultural History: Ghosts, Water and the Marvelous Pier Windows, an interactive performance installation, featured artists from Hong Kong, India, and the US engaged with multi-ethnic Hong Kong through a range of cross-cultural arts experiments in dance, music, theatre, and visual arts.

Lead Artists and Program Partners

US and Hong Kong based artist Kanta Kochhar-Lindgren (choreographer, playwright, director, theatre scholar and professor), Hong Kong artists Steve Hui (AKA Nerve, sound artist, musician and theatre director) and Nadim Abbas (a visual artist and set designer), Soundpocket, a Hong Kong non-profit sound arts producing organization, ADAHK and the YMCA of HK (CSW Centre).

Participating Artists

Oxana Banshikova, Hong Kong. Rush Benson, US. Benny Fung, Hong Kong. Christine He, Hong Kong. 李軒Lee Hin, Hong Kong. Chin King, Hong Kong. Sen Jansen T F, India. Sally Rousse, US. Rag Saseendrababu, India. Nirmal Selvamony, India. Kenneth Sze, Hong Kong. Mary Tang, Hong Kong.

Visual Art Installation: A site-specific intervention

Nadim Abbas 唐納天, with contributions from:


Other Contributions:“Story Cloths”: Kareem Abdul (India), Shaji Munroe (India), Community Arts Contributions from Workshop Participants at ADAHK and at the YMCA of HK (CSW Centre).

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Performance/Installation Date and Time

Oct 29-31 (Wed-Fri), 4-10pm
Nov 1 (Sat), 10am-10pm
Nov 2 (Sun), 10am-6pm

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Venue: Kwun Tong Pier, Hoi Yuen Road, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong

On the Edge of the Pier

Was an International Cultural Engagement Project Series, a Hong Kong-based project comprised of community talks, workshops, performances, online exhibits and broadcasts, and a symposium, that focused on how to generate participatory cultural heritage experiences through stories, texts, artifacts, performances, and site-specific works in order to broaden understanding of the specific historical impact of Chinese, American, and Indian cultural heritages on the contemporary identity of the city. As we collected and performed personal, community, and cultural stories about ghosts, water, and the marvelous, we experienced new ways of seeing the city’s environment, its histories, and each other through the literal and metaphorical windows of the Kwun Tong Pier, an
everyday site that links land, water, and people at a transit point for departures and arrivals within and across the corridors of Hong Kong’s city scape.

Pier Windows

The signature event of On the Edge of the Pier, an interactive performance installation, ran at Kwun Tong Pier, October 29-November 2, 2014. The project, spearheaded by Hong Kong artists Steve Hui (Nerve), Nadim Abbas and US/Hong Kong artist Kanta Kochhar-Lindgren—in partnership with Soundpocket, ADAHK and the YMCA of HK (CSW Centre)—featured work from collaborations with Hong Kong, US and Indian artists as well as contributions from local community arts outreach projects. Engagement with multi-ethnic Hong Kong through a range of cross-cultural arts experiments in dance, music, theatre, and visual arts broadened understanding of the impact of the cultural heritages on the contemporary identity of Hong Kong. Special features of the project included Ghosts and Wanderers, an experimental musical theatre work that explored the naamyam singing tradition with Chinese and Indian musicians. Dance works on Ghosts, Water and the Marvelous—based on classical texts, such as Journey to the West and the Odyssey—drew from Indian classical dance, American modern dance, and site-specific dance improvisations. Writing Windows, four short dance works, explore Chinese, American, and South Asian histories in Hong Kong. An ongoing feature, Nadim Abbas’s installation project along with Steve Hui’s environmental sound compositions, invited meditation on the nature of ghosts, memory, and the pier itself.

Project Partners and Sponsors

This project series was produced by Soundpocket (Hong Kong), Artistic Research Collaboratives,and Folded Paper Dance and Theatre (Hong Kong, Seattle, Minneapolis). Project partners included: soundpocket, YMCAof Soundpocket, YMCA of HK (CSW Centre), ADAHK and Folded Paper Dance and Theatre. Project sponsors included the US Consulate Hong Kong and Macau, Folded Paper Dance and Theatre, and our contributors through the Pier Windows at Rockethub.