Philosophy of Pier Windows

The pier is a transit site that links land and water. While at the pier, we have a chance to pause between our comings and goings.

Along the surface of the pier, the windows frame the interior and the exterior landscape of the city. Windows both conceal and reveal.

People hold onto their stories at the threshold of these windows. And the stories they carry with themselves are also windows. In the half light of the pier, we discover new ways to hear each other, to mark the not-yet-said, to open up to the yet-to-be-said.

These visible and invisible windows form, un-form, and re-form across the shell of the pier; they refract and reflect light off of each other and across the harbor to the skyline. There in that house of the living we find ghosts, water and the marvelous beckoning to us on both sides of the windows.

Pier Windows is our collection of these stories that invite us to experience new ways of seeing the urban surround, its histories, its kinetics, and each other through windows of the pier.


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