Participating Artists

Primary Artistic Leads

Nadim Abbas, Hong Kong

NadimIs a visual artist whose work explores technologies of perception, culminating in the construction of complex set pieces where bodies succumb to the seduction of space. Abbas studied sculpture (B.A.) at the Chelsea College of Art and comparative literature (M.Phil.) at the University of Hong Kong.He currently holds teaching posts at the Hong Kong Art School and City Universityof Hong Kong.

Steve Hui (AKA Nerve), Hong Kong

SteveIs a composer, performer, DJ, curator and educator. His prolific creative output can be found across diverse fields from contemporary music, electronic music, sound art, film soundtracks, multimedia theatre, cross-disciplinary exchange to rave parties. Equally at home in the ivory tower of asceticism and the depths of the underground, his singular aim is to uncover the true spirit of experimentation.

Kanta Kochhar-Lindgren, Hong Kong / US

KandaIs an artist and performance studies scholar who is the founding director of Folded Paper Dance and Theatre. Her current art projects—“We Carry the Water,” “Water Theatres,” and “Pier Windows”—focus on the relationships between the arts, cultural heritage, memory, water, and urban experience. Her scholarship includes topics such as water and performance, translation and embodiment, disability and performance, and transnational avant-garde performance.

Participating Artists

Oxana Banshikova, Hong Kong

OxanaIs originally from Kazakhstan and has been living in Hong Kong for the last 7 years. She is the founder and director of Cosmic Dance Company and a performer, choreographer and teacher of BharataNatyam Indian Classical Dance. A scholarship recipient from Indian Council for Cultural Relations and a holder of diploma in Bharatanatyam Indian Classical Dance from Kalakshetra College of Fine Arts (Chennai, India, 2002-2007), Oxana has performed in India, Kazakhstan, Armenia, China, UK and has been promoting Indian Classical and Fusion Dance in Hong Kong through teaching Bharatanatyam to local and foreign students.

Rush Benson, US

29Is an actor, dancer, teacher, musician, and choreographer originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota. In 2013, Benson graduated from Gustavus Adolphus College with degrees in Theater and Dance. Benson currently performs with the Flying Foot Forum, a percussion based theater and dance company, and has performed in choreographic works by Jamal Sims, Phillip Flickinger, Heather Klopchin, Stephan Koplowitz, and Stuart Pimsler Dance & Theater. He has also performed locally with the Minnesota Dance Theater, James Sewell Ballet, Keane Sense of Rhythm Tap Company, and Youth Performance Company. After training with the Minnesota Opera, his abilities in vocal performance and songwriting have earned him recognition at several collegiate talent competitions and from the “America’s Got Talent” television series. He enjoys a solid jam session, ciphers, colored pencils, animals, communing with nature, and the feeling you get from a deep intellectual discussion.

Benny Fung, Hong Kong

BennyIs a freelance artist and dance instructor (Modern and Ballet). He graduated from the Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts with major in dance, and, later, from Calarts with his BFA. He joined the Pasadena Dance Theater as full time dancer in U.S. 2010-12 and then earned an MFA at the University of Arizona. He then joined the Martha Graham dance company as an internship dancer and performed in AZ and NY in 2012 after he graduated. Benny moved back to Hong Kong in 2013 with a focus on performance, production and education. Most recently, he has performed with different artists and dance groups such as Y-Space and DanceArts.

Christine He, Hong Kong

ChristineWas born in Germany and received her dance education (with a diploma in Contemporary Dance) in the BallettAkademieNürnberg/Fürth. In 2007 she received the Talent Award of the City of Fürth for Modern Dance.From 2008 to 2009 she was a member of Modem Studio Atelier, the youth department of the CompagniaZappalàDanza in Catania (Italy) and then moved to Hong Kong in 2009, where she has performed productions for DanceArt, Y-Space, E-Side, Little Breath and for several independent choreographers. Christine is now a freelance dancer, choreographer and teacher.

李軒 Lee Hin, Hong Kong

Lee-HinIs one of the ADA Angels of the Arts with the Disabled Association Hong Kong. He started learning piano when he was 11 and attained the LTCL Performance Diploma from the Trinity College London. In 2013, he performed in the musical, “Love, Life and Music: A Story of Ups and Downs” as a lead actor. He composed the theme song for it. He is now the lead vocalist of the “Happy Lutheran Band.” Apart from the local performances, he also had the opportunities to exchange with overseas artists in the “2010 International VSA Festival” in Washington D.C. and “The 8th International Abilympics (Seoul)” in 2011.The loss of eyesight due to congenital Retinitis Pigmentosa brings inconvenience to his practice; yet, it does not defeat his enthusiasm for arts and continuous music learning.

Chin King, Hong Kong

ChinIs a graduate from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts and one of the foremost young guzheng virtuoso active in the region. She has been commissioned, among others, as a soloist with the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra, the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts Symphony Orchestra, United Kingdom Hull Sinfonietta, and the Japan Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra. Chin has performed with renowned composers and conductors such as Yan Huichang, He Zhanhao, Richard Tsang, Christoph Campestrini, Patrick Souillot, Francois Xavier Roth and Zsolt Nagy.

Sen Jansen T F, India

Sen-Jansen-T-FWas raised in Kerala and graduated in Commerce from Sacred Heart College with the best all-round performer award. Since the age of three, he has been training in Barathanatyam, to which he has added extensive training in Kuchipudy, Ottamthullal, Kathak, as well as folk dance, hiphop, and contemporary dance. From 2008-2012,Sen worked with Padmasree Dr.Ananda Shankar Jayanth, in her Contemporary Theatre Production of “Panchatantra” in many venues across India and has participated in, among others, the Contemporary Dance festival in Orissa, a Folded Paper Dance and Theatre Arts Residency in Chennai, and has additional training in Laban Movement Analysis, Silambattam, and Thapattam. Sen wants to increase his acting roles and dedicates his life to dance.

Sally Rousse, US

sallyHas a multi-faceted life in dance including performing, teaching, directing, curating, writing, with noteworthy honors and grants. In 1990 she co-founded James Sewell Ballet (JSB) in New York City and transformed it from a pick-up company to a full-time organization in Minneapolis, where she has made her home for the past 21 years. A two-time recipient of the McKnight Fellowship for Dancers and City Pages’ Artist of the Year, Rousse has performed many roles in the classical and Balanchine repertoires as a leading dancer with the Royal Ballet of Flanders and Ballet Chicago, and has also danced works by Maurice Béjart, Jiri Kylian, and over 100 new works created on her by contemporary choreographers. Rousse continues to produce and perform dance both in Minneapolis and abroad.

Rag Saseendrababu, India

DSC_0048Was raised in Kerala and graduated in Mechanical Engineering from SHM Engineering College. Training in Barathanatyam at five years old, Rag has additional training in Kuchipudy as well as non-classical forms such as folk dance, hip hop, and contemporary. An award-winning dancer, Rag has also acted in films, musical videos, and stage shows, both inside and outside of India. Rag also is anaccomplished musician who teaches in the Sruthi School of Music and Dance. Recent training includes a Folded Paper Dance and Theatre Arts Residency at DakShinaChitra, Chennai in Laban Movement Analysis, Silambattam, and Thapattam.

Nirmal Selvamony, India

nirmalIs currently Associate Professor and Coordinator of the department of English Studies, Central University of Tamil Nadu. He is the first to introduce in the Indian academy ecocriticism and founded (with Watson Solomon) the Organisation for Studies in Literature and Environment-India as well as the Indian Journal of Ecocriticism. He has taught and lectured in India—recently giving the Endowment Lecture on Ecocriticism at the University of Delhi—the US, and other international universities. He has numerous publications and his book, Persona in Tolkaappiyam, won a best monograph award, and, in addition, Nirmal has translated Tamil grammatical and potexts into English.A musician and musicologist trained in South Indian Classical music, he has also professionally played western popular music and jazz and now fuses all these music traditions into his own unique variety.

Kenneth Sze, Hong Kong

KennethIs a graduate of the Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts with a major in Contemporary Dance. His performance experience is wide-ranging and includes: Bolero, a collaborative work with the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra and choreographer Mui Cheuk-yin, the Youth Studio of Dance Bilateral Project 2007- The Dream The Journey Dance Workshop & Performance (Malaysia); Cherry Leung’s Play Well, Sleep Tight, and Kowk Ka Yuen’s deus ex machine. Sze has received a scholarship from HSBC and LCSD to visit and to perform at the Shanghai Expo. He has also worked with Unlock Dancing Plaza, taking part in A Tale of Healthy City, and Chopin VS Ca. He has recently appeared in Stillness in Motion, and danced for two pieces Heart Knot and P BOARD Q. In 2013 Sze launched his first full-length choreography Dark Aroma and he worked as a choreographer for the opening ceremony of Art Basel (HK). More recently, Sze has worked as a part-time dancer for Y-Space Dance Company, participated in Frida / Suddenly, a work by Helen Lai and Victor Ma,Heaven Behind the Door, by Chloe Wong for the Hong Kong Art Festival. Sze is interested in physical theatre, and invited by Theatre Du Pif after an intensive one-month acting and performance workshop, Sze took part in Actors’ LAB 2014– Chekhov’s Garden.

Mary Tang, Hong Kong

maryGraduated in 2005 with a BA in Dance & Theatre Performance and holds a K-12 Teacher Certification from Plymouth State University, New Hampshire, US. She is currently a freelance creative dance and yoga instructor in Hong Kong, after receiving her yoga teacher certification with Absolute Yoga – Hot Yoga Teacher Training in KohSamuiand a Vinyasa Teacher Certification with Barefoot Yoga Studio, which is hosted by Contemporary City Dance Centre. This dance project is the second one with Folded Paper Dance and Theatre; she danced in and designed the costumes for Hong Kong Water Works for the 2010 Hong Kong-Shenzhen Biennale. Mary enjoys going to the beach, sunshine, kids, dogs, improvisation, sharing yoga, and love and kindness to all!

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